Bharatgarh Fort

About Bharatgarh Fort

Bharatgarh fort near Anandpur Sahib in district Ropar is still home to its descendants. Bharatgarh Fort has been recently opened to the public. Set on a small hilltop amidst the Shivalik ranges, each generation that lived in the fort contributed to its maintenance.

The small fort has Mughal overtones and characteristic blueprint: a spiked door at the deori (gateway), battlements, gun holes and teer-kash (arrow loops), burj or bastions linked by concealed routes, attari or women's gallery, and rooms around a courtyard. The flights of steps around the fort are quite steep and I marvel at fitness levels that people had in those days.

Flanked by the majestic himalayas, not only does it enjoy a scenic view but also epitomizes the royal lifestyle and rich history it possesses. A stay in the fort is truly an experience that you will cherish forever. Bharatgarh Fort has been Punjab's best-kept secret.A 200-year-plus citadel connected with Sikh history, it's the state's only fort where descendants of its original occupants still live. It's a piece of legacy connected with times before Maharaja Ranjit Singh, when Punjab was divided into 12 misls, or independent states of the Sikh Confederacy, to counter Mughal forces.

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Bastion Suite

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4 persons
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Every room is self-equipped with a mini bar, attached bathroom, dresser, electric kettle, sofa-cum bed, LCD TV and a breathtaking view.

Heritage Suite

Max Guests:
4 persons
PER/NIGHT₹8415 ₹9350Breakfast

Its interiors have appealing period features such as embedded arches, oil-lamp niches and Victorian-style triple-mirror dresser.

Deluxe Room

Max Guests:
3 persons
PER/NIGHT₹6930 ₹7700Breakfast

Its interiors have appealing period features such as embedded arches, oil-lamp niches and Victorian-style triple-mirror dresser.


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