Blue Canvas Resort

About Blue Canvas Resort

Spread over a less than an acre land, Blue Canvas Resort offers modern facilities to its guest which is in complete harmony with the local milieu. Concept of developing local resources and then sharing them together with local community is working well for our guests and local service provider alike.

Blue Canvas Resort opens to the view of valley with open farm fields which extend upto Amlav river. It is overlooked by the traditional Jaunsari village of Korwa. Further from Korwa village is a dense oak forest which is home to many species of birds. People often ask how big our resort is. Well, we are so big that we are yet to define our boundaries.

Chakrata with its pristine beauty is a paradise for nature lovers. There are picturesque meadows (Budher, Kanasar, Devban and mundali at Chakrata) surrounded by one of the best rated deodar forests of Asia, high water falls (Tiger falls, Kimona falls and Indroli falls at chakrata), ancient limestone caves (Sahiya, Budher and Gorcha at Chakrata), and high table lands (Chirmiri, Daanadhar at chakrata) all within a 30 kms radius from Chakrata.

Available Rooms


  • Games and Activity Centre*
  • Wi-Fi Internet*
  • Guide Service*
  • Senior Citizen Friendly Resort

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