Ojaswi Himalayan Resort

About Ojaswi Himalayan Resort

The rooms are specially-designed with beautiful interiors and an enthralling view of the mountains. For your revitalising stay, Ojaswi Himalayan Resort also has an in-house restaurant and an exclusive spa facility. The resort captures the vibrancy of the serene ambience, and pampers you with a whole lot of services that gives you a memorable experience to treasure forever!

Indulge yourself in blood-pulsing outdoor adventures! Paragliding, cycling, rock climbing, waterfall trekking, and other activities are ideal to rejuvenate yourself and your spirits. Go for nature walks and lake tours, along the lanes of Ojaswi Himalayan Resort, and get a glimpse of the sylvan landscape, the tranquil waters, and the beautiful greenery.

Available Rooms

Jungle Retreat

Max Guests:
3 persons

The Jungle Retreat have a grand living room and a well lit sitting area in a wooden cottage. It flaunts sophistication and style.

Terrace Rooms

Max Guests:
2 persons

The Terrace Rooms radiate a homely vibe, and are brilliantly decked-out giving valley & Himalayan view with open terrace

Club Retreat

Max Guests:
3 persons

The Club Retreats are cottage style rooms adorned with warm colours, adding on to its luxury and comfort.

Ojaswi Family Suite

Max Guests:
4 persons

Perfect for a family vacation, well equipped bedroom with a living room.

Himalayan Suites

Max Guests:
4 persons

The Himalayan Suites are grandest of all. Capture the traditional interior decor, making the rooms beautiful & luxurious to stay at.


  • Wi-Fi Internet*

Things to Do

Adventure Sports

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Explore Nature

Light Outdoors


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