Rohet Wilderness Camp

About Rohet Wilderness Camp

The tents are luxurious, smart, teak-wood polished furniture, rich jute floor rugs, and beautiful block print inner lining adorn each tent. Lovely large windows with pull up flaps and permanent insect netting ensure that you experience the freshness of the desert air and the panoramic views keeping the unwanted insects at arm's length! The attached bathrooms are special with running hot & cold water, flush toilets and proper wash basins. Beautiful lamps by the bedside and on the writing table provide just the right amount of light.

Situated 17 km west of Rohet it is the perfect extension of all our activities. An ideal distance for a comfortable full day horse ride. The spectacular ride is coupled with a rich cultural experience. The nights for stargazing, where we promise you will discover a whole new universe. It is a place where you will hear the silence! The lounge and dining areas are made from the traditional thatch and dung plaster much like the 'Bishnoi dhanis', Beautiful fluffy cushions adorn the traditional seating, and the place is lit with soft candle light and a crackling fire in the clay plaster fireplaces make the evenings inviting and cozy.

'The village safari' done by jeep or horse, before arriving at the camp just before sunset to a sumptuous high tea is a near perfect experience. It has led to many of our guests calling it their 'best riding experience ever' and their, 'best day in India!' The History of the Marwari at Rohet Today Rohet Garh has emerged as great patrons of their own horse, the Marwari!

The indigenous horse of the Thar desert! Endowed with sublime beauty and an honest 'never say die' spirit, it is a bold and fearless horse, magnificent in confirmation and loyal unto death. It was the brave Rajput warrior's mighty charger, which was capable of tearing fearlessly into the enemy, rearing up on war elephants in order to let its master strike the foe seated upon it, or jumping off fort ramparts, and jumping rivers with a severed hind leg to save its master's life by sacrificing its own! In the annals of Rajput history, these horses are as famous as their masters, and their names have been forever immortalized.

Available Rooms

Luxury Tent

Max Guests:
5 persons

The attached bathrooms are special with running hot & cold water, flush toilets and proper wash basins. Beautiful lamps by the bedside and on the writing table provide just the right amount of light.


  • Wi-Fi Internet*
  • Bar*
  • Guide Service*

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Explore Nature

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Desert Activities

Large stretches of gigantic horizon, scorching heat, sand mounds, nomadic life and that too with a camel safari, this is what deserts look like. Deserts in India spreads over the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab. The colorful culture of desert can be seen in the folk music and dance of tribes along with the traditional dresses and jewellery. Incredible cultures of Desert is the heritage of state, the Desert Food, desert people, Language and sand dunes are the attraction of the desert. The best way to explore the desert is using the Camel Safari and jeep safari, though the jeep safari in not as much as popular as the camel safari. Camel Safari around the desert is one of the most visited and major attraction and it is also the best and unique way to explore the desert region, its color and culture.



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