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About The Divine Hima

The Divine Hima is a luxury boutique hotel, cafe and art gallery at Dharamshala.Wilderness subtly manifests itself in every nook and corner of the Divine Hima.The Divine Hima is a journey a tribute a culmination of my life???s wonderment with the Himalayas. Wilderness that subtly manifests itself in nooks and corners of the Divine Hima. Were you to wish to be lost in the hushed solitude of the Himalayas on trekking or nature walks, you would be at the right address and who knows, (ahem) you could be accompanied by a geologist too.

Available Rooms

The Kunzum Pass, The Kugti Pass

Max Guests:
3 persons
PER/NIGHT₹8144 ₹9048Breakfast

THE KUNZUM PASS (4550M) and THE KUGTI PASS (5050M) - The base-camp budget rooms.

The Inderhaar Pass, The Thamsar Pass

Max Guests:
3 persons
PER/NIGHT₹10023 ₹11136Breakfast

THE INDERHAAR PASS (4342M) DELUXE :?An open-armed room with all the grandeur and a god laid balcony view. THE THAMSAR PASS (4624M) DELUXE. An open-armed room with all the grandeur.

The Parang La Pass

Max Guests:
3 persons
PER/NIGHT₹12006 ₹13340Breakfast

THE PARANG LA PASS (5580M) DELUXE. The attic mud room with a through-the-roof Dhauladhar Matterhorn view.

The Pin-Parbati Pass

Max Guests:
6 persons
PER/NIGHT₹14877 ₹16530Breakfast

THE PIN-PARBATI PASS (5319M) DELUXE. The spacious Divine Hima executive suite.


  • Wi-Fi Internet*
  • Guide Service*
  • Senior Citizen Friendly Resort
  • Yoga and Meditation

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