Honeymoon is the time to create memorable memories with your life partner that you are both going to cherish thorough out your life. An ideal honeymoon needs beautiful surroundings to stimulate your senses, solitude to bring closeness and plenty of things to do so you can have fun exploring each other’s interests. TripOffBeat offers you amazing Honeymoon destinations to help you celebrate this most valuable life experience in the most memorable way. All our locations offer great offbeat stay options within a short distance from the main town, are safe stay options, offering you all the comforts that you need, but are far from the madding crowd to give you the privacy you need to make your honeymoon special.

School Break

Time to take a break from boring school routine. Let the Kids enjoy their School Break. Take a quick vacation with your loved ones before the new session starts. For most families, a School Break is the best chance to take an extended and relaxed trip with their kids. We have listed best offbeat destinations for all, whether your family loves a jungle safari or a quiet beach, like to go on road trips or simply fly by air. So take a break with your family and make memorable experience. Explore various options near you.

Himachal Pradesh

27 Holiday places

Madhya Pradesh

17 Holiday places


21 Holiday places


40 Holiday places

Monsoon Magic

Monsoon is a season full of bright beautiful colours and utter joy that sends warm flutters to our hearts and spreads a peaceful atmosphere all across the world.
When Monsoon comes, it brings about a multitude of joy and happiness. The calming scent of the earth after the first rainfall of the season and the green leaves on a tree glistening prettily make this season an absolute favourite.
What better way to celebrate this season than to sit back and relax with a cup of strong steaming tea and a plate of something scrumptiously crispy while you relax in a place best suited for your monsoon break.
So, take a break and feel like a kid again as you enjoy this colourful weather skipping on puddles of cool water in India’s top destinations with TripOffbeat this monsoon season.