Travelling does not only relax your mind but your soul as well, especially if it is an international trip. Here you get to experience versatile cultures and traditions, interact with different people, and just leave your stress behind. Getting to know what all is there in the world, how different you are from the people residing in another country, gives you an insight on how amazing this earth is. You get to unwind with delicious food, enthralling festivals, and amazing hospitality of the locals.

  • Tropical sun-kissed coral islands
  • Pure white fine sand beaches
  • Turquoise crystal-clear waters
  • Great variety of food by international chef
  • An excellent honeymoon destination

Recommended 3 - 4 Nights
Sri Lanka
  • Beautiful, clean & long beaches
  • Unmatched variety of landscapes within a small landmass
  • Great sea-food and other delicious recipes
  • A confluence of mythology, history and modernity
  • Explore the remnants of the Ramayana era

Recommended 5 - 7 Nights
Bali ,Indonesia
  • A land of volcanoes, lakes, rice fields, rivers, jungles & beaches
  • Warm hospitality of an island destination
  • Great food of all kinds; and some excellent beer
  • Architecturally delightful temples and buildings
  • All kinds of water and adventure sports activies

Recommended 5 - 6 Nights
  • Lovely & serene mountainous landscapes
  • An inside glimpse into the Buddhist religion and culture
  • Excellent food options in restaurants and homestays
  • Enjoyable and memorable road journeys through hills
  • Experience peaceful tent stays alongside flowing rivers

Recommended 5 - 6 Nights
  • A pocket-friendly destination for vacationers on low budget
  • An ideal family vacation and honeymoon destination
  • Glimpses of religion, natural beauty, nature parks, and variety of flora and fauna
  • An ideal destination for the trekking enthusiasts
  • Chopper and small plane rides to remote areas

Recommended 6 - 8 nights
  • An exotic destination with variety of experiences
  • Abundance of unparelled natural beauty
  • An ideal family vacation destination
  • Some of the most fascinating train journeys
  • An ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts

Recommended 6 - 10 nights
  • Home to the world-famous Angkor Wat temples
  • A laid-back country with simple people
  • A fine shoreline with some beautiful beaches
  • An exotic family vacation destination
  • A myriad of architectural & religious monuments

Recommended 7 - 10 nights
  • One of the most virgin landscapes in the world
  • Happy-Go-Lucky people with warmest smiles
  • Amazing boat rides in the mighty Mekong river
  • An superior family destination for long vacations
  • Land of the tourist attraction - the 4000 islands

Recommended 7 - 9 nights
  • The land of pharaohs, Nile and pyramids
  • World's oldest recorded library and one of biggest ones
  • Three to four days long Nile river cruises
  • Magnificence & grandeur of the Nile valley civilization
  • Architecturally marvel pieces in form of temples and buildings

Recommended 8 - 10 nights
  • An ideal destimation for both honeymooners and families
  • Abundance of beautiful coral islands all around
  • Pure white sand beaches with luxurious stay options
  • Nature's wonder at seven-coloured earth
  • Variety of food & recipes by skilled chefs

Recommended 5 - 6 nights
  • Breathtaking landscapes, Beaches, Endless adventures and hands-on activities
  • Distinctive UNESCO world heritage sites
  • Culinary and wine heaven
  • A shopping paradise, unique boutiques, delightful stores and exotic markets

Recommended 3 - 5 nights
  • City of Emirates is known for Luxury shopping, Ultramodern architecture, and a lively Nightlife Scene.
  • Best of both worlds within a city. Heritage with Modern, Deserts with Beaches, Budget as well as Uber-Luxury, Arabian as well as Western.
  • World's best Theme parks to keep Kids and Adults engaged.
  • Nearby Abu Dhabi is an awesome day-long excursion.
  • Most liberal culture in the Arabic world.

Recommends 4 To 7 nights