Bambolim Beach Resort

About Bambolim Beach Resort

Bambolim Beach Resort in north Goa offers the ideal beachside accommodation to ensure a memorable vacation by the sea. Launched in 1989, the resort has refined its values of ‘heritage hospitality with love’ to provide hundreds of guests each year with their preferred seaside resort in a tranquil and serene surrounding.


Nestled on the shores of Bambolim Beach at Bambolim Bay, the resort is just 7 kms away from Goa’s capital city - Panjim. Other places of interest such as the World Heritage Site of Old Goa with its centuries-old churches and the ancient temples are also a short drive away. We can arrange trustworthy taxi service to any destination of tourist interest within the state or to major transport hubs.


At Bambolim Beach Resort, we encourage our guests to soak in the serenity that comes with rolling swathes of greenery filled with flowering plants, towering banyan trees and an isolated beach that promises peace and quiet. This is the ideal escape from the bustle of city life, that picture-perfect setting against which memorable holiday photographs are clicked and that beautiful venue for the ultimate beach wedding destination.


We also offer a fun time at the nearby casino ‘Strike’, a Green Lobby activity zone for people of all ages, water sports, a business centre should you feel like working on holiday, the Baywatch zone for yoga and meditation, and the very relaxing Tavern bar.


With 126 rooms offering breathtaking views of the sea and gardens fitted with modern amenities, along with a host of activities and venues for your celebrations, Bambolim Beach Resort is the hotel in Goa you’ve been looking for.

Available Rooms


Max Guests:
2 persons

Nothing can prepare you for the comfort and location afforded at a Bambolim Beach Resort suite. You’ll be blown away. The expansive suites feature a plush bedroom and a separate living area, and is ideal for small families. Unobstructed views of the beautiful blue Arabian Sea are guaranteed and the resort lawns below magnify the calming effect of this gorgeous beach accommodation.


Max Guests:
2 persons

Choose between sea-facing rooms in which you can enjoy charming heritage interiors inspired by the Portuguese era. The large king-size beds and spacious rooms are perfectly complemented by well-thought out decor and a host of amenities that are sure to keep you happy throughout your stay.


Max Guests:
2 persons

Come, discover that perfect balance between comfort and nature at Bambolim Beach Resort with our thoughtfully laid out Superior rooms. You’ll find pretty mosaic-tiled balconies overlooking lush gardens that are perfect for a quiet meal for two, tons of space and brightly-lit bathrooms. The best part? The beach is literally steps away!

  • Air-conditioning
  • Cable T.V.
  • Fruit / Snack Basket
  • Tea/Coffee Maker
  • Mineral Water*
  • Balcony/Sit Out
  • Hot/Cold Running Water
  • Bathroom Toiletries
  • Wi-Fi Internet*
  • Water Sports
  • Laundry
Things to Do


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Water Sports

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