BirdSong Goa

About BirdSong Goa

Along the charming inner roads of North Goa, between Mapusa and Aldona, nestles Moira – one of the four heritage villages of Goa. In its winding lanes lie many an old abandoned villa, draped with creepers, studded with trees, exuding nostalgia and lyrical mourning for its long gone Portuguese owners.
We found such a house – not in utter disrepair, but with jarring modern additions. Ensconced amid jackfruit, chikoo and sangwan trees, BirdSong was built in 1804, more than 200 years ago. A beautiful Portuguese bungalow of pillared verandas and high roofs, gardens and pools, it offers the rare delights of inner Goa, away from the usual hustle of beaches and markets. After four years of loving restoration, BirdSong is our warm and gorgeous home let out to discerning travellers.

Available Rooms

Caraway (Stone)

Max Guests:
4 persons

At the very heart of the house, this stone floor room envelopes you in its cool embrace. A large bed rises up from the floor in a monolithic look that is an architectural delight. A spiral staircase leads up to a loft, complete with a double bed, that overlooks the lawn and the swimming pool. A private ante-room and an outdoor shower are the other elements that add to Caraway’s charm. Sleeps four adults easily.

Cardamom (Green)

Max Guests:
4 persons

Just off the front veranda, this is a secluded, peaceful room with an enchanting loft that never fails to delight the kids. A beautiful outdoor shower open to the elements, shaded by tall Sal trees that will enthral all nature lovers. The room is equipped with a flat screen television, though we doubt you will choose to stay in! Can sleep 4 people easily – two on the master bed and two on the loft. Perfect for a family

Cinnamon (Wood)

Max Guests:
4 persons

Snuggled in the centre of the homestead, this room is like a self-sufficient little apartment, with a bunk bed for kids, a study table to work on, and old American winged chairs beneath Indian religious iconography. The bathroom has different levels, with a tree growing through it. A little courtyard leads out into the side garden, which hosts an assortment of birdlife through the day.

Pepper (Black)

Max Guests:
4 persons

Dark, cool, mysterious, with comfy old sofas to sink into and a family bed to rest on. The room seamlessly blends into the bathroom, which boasts a splash bathing area and windows that look up to tree-tops. Pepper opens on to the front veranda and leads into the old side garden that has been untouched for decades.

Nutmeg (Yellow)

Max Guests:
4 persons

The warm glow of this room lifts your mood as soon as you enter it. From the comfortable sitting area, step-down to the bedroom that houses a beautiful built-in bed snuggled against the red laterite walls. The room is delightfully located, opening up at one end onto the quadrangle of lawn and pool, and at the other, onto a courtyard that leads you into the side garden.

Clove (White)

Max Guests:
4 persons

A comfortable corner room nearest to the bar lounge and the pool, Clove is the obvious favourite of the more gregarious. Sunshine filters in from cubby hole windows into the cool interiors of the bedroom. There is a bay window bed for kids in the sitting room, along with a flat screen television. With its majestic laterite walls and glass-walled bathroom, this a fabulous combination of the old and the modern.

  • Living Room
  • Cable T.V.
  • DVD Player
  • Intercom Facility
  • Fruit / Snack Basket
  • Tea/Coffee Maker
  • Mineral Water*
  • Balcony/Sit Out
  • Dining Table
  • Sofa Unit
  • Study Table
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Hot/Cold Running Water
  • Bathroom Toiletries
  • Room service
  • Swimming Pool
  • Games and Activity Centre*
  • Lawns/Gardens
  • Wi-Fi Internet*
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Restaurant
  • Dining Hall
  • Parking facility
Things to Do

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