Citrus County Farm Stays

About Citrus County Farm Stays

Citrus County Farm Stays is settled in the foothills of Shivaliks accommodating 3 guests suites within the house and 9 luxury tents. The place provides full comfort and privacy tom its guests. Suites are air-conditioned featuring spacious rooms with views of either poolside or the lush green garden, king-sized beds with attached private bathroom. Sitting space both in the bedroom and lobby is available. The air-conditioned tents are more spacious with attached bathroom equipped with hot and cold running water and rain showers, and heaters. The place is popular for its best handicrafts, visit the local market or have a walk to the village and take part in the cultural events. Or enjoy a trip to the dairy farms or a Jeep Safari. Golfing will be best for leisure on site. The nearest domestic airport is Amritsar Airport while the nearest railway station is Phagwara, Chandigarh or Jalandhar.

Available Rooms

Luxury Tent

Max Guests:
3 persons

The tents are similarly equipped, including attached bathrooms, air conditioning & heating, However to keep the true spirit of tented accommodation alive we have opted not to install televisions in the tents.?

  • Senior Citizen Friendly Resort
  • Games and Activity Centre*
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