Soulitude By The River Side

About Soulitude By The River Side

Situated alongside the banks of the Kalsa River in Chanfi village (near Nainital), Soulitude, as the name suggests, provides complete solitude for the soul. Mesmerised by the singing glacial stream as it flows through the deep valley, one cant help but enter a completely different world into the world of Soulitude.

A working organic farm, emerald green rock pools and waterfalls, exciting treks in a pristine remote setting, good food and warm hospitality Soulitude has just the right ambience for rest, relaxation and fun. Soulitude is ideal for those looking to get away from the clutter of the city to slow down rejuvenate  and simply be! Soulitude by the Riverside offers a bouquet of 7 rustic-style rooms with all the luxuries of a fine luxury resort. We hope that the Soulitude experience will be one that you will cherish and want to come back for more.

Available Rooms

Sahaj, Living, Shant Village Home

Max Guests:
3 persons

This 70+ year old village home has been fully restored using traditional methods that were in use at that time, and with the addition of all modern comforts but without compromising the authenticity. It radiates a vibrant earthy appeal and has been decorated in true rustic style with mud plastered walls, old click switches, lantern lights and vintage-style furniture. The 360-degree view of the imposing hills all around, also seen through its skylights, is sure to fill you with a sense of awe. The 3 bedroom cottage with its own living room is suitable for families who require up to 3 connected rooms on the same floor, and for those looking to stay in an authentic village home.

Poorna,Prafful,Yukta,Mukta Cottages

Max Guests:
3 persons

The two cottages have been decorated in rustic-style with old-world red concrete floors, old click switches and vibrant furnishings. Though newly made, everything is made to look dated, fitting into the village ambience and reminiscent of the years gone by.The ground floor rooms open out to gardens facing the river and have an indoor-outdoor bathroom with a rain shower and hand-pump for traditional bathing .The first floor rooms have a covered verandah providing superb views of the gardens & the river. All 4 rooms have bukharis (cast iron fireplaces).

  • Wi-Fi Internet*
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