Serenity Corbett Resort

About Serenity Corbett Resort

Serenity seek to provide you with an ultimate jungle experience at Corbett a rendezvous amidst nature, taking special care to keep harm out of Mother Natures way. For us, guest is the first citizen and guest satisfaction our priority. 'Serenity' is a resort nestled in a Mango orchard, surrounded by dense forest, hillocks and River Kosi providing picturesque and serene environment to the Guest.

It is located about 5 kms away from Corbett Park's entry gate Bijrani (famous for tiger sighting) on Ranikhet road in Dhikuli village. The resort comprises of a Gol Ghar restaurant, Swimming pool, activity room and a conference hall with lot of open spaces to move around. In Serenity seasonal vegetables and herbs are grown organically and used in the kitchen The resort is borne out of passion for nature and its preservation. Its caretakers are committed to promotion of sustainable eco-friendly tourism. Keeping this goal in mind, utmost care has been taken while developing the resort to ensure that not a single tree is uprooted, even if that meant altering the project plans. Few rooms had to be downsized to save the trees.

Award winning Shankar Balram septic tank has been installed for toilets. Solar heating system has been installed to provide hot water and CFLs are being used to illuminate the resort. Apart from this, the employees are continuously trained to follow eco friendly practices like avoiding use of plastic, appropriate garbage dumping practices etc. In all activities for establishment of the resort, local artisans and work force have been made use of.

Available Rooms

Super Deluxe

Max Guests:
3 persons

Super Deluxe rooms are on the ground floor with private lawns . The rooms have openings from both sides.?

Family Room

Max Guests:
5 persons

Family rooms are on the first floor having separate balconies providing splendid natural view. The room has a king size double bed . It has an attic for the kids with 6x4 extra mattress on the floor, the access to attic is within the room by wooden staircase. Room size is 26'x13.5' = 350 sqft including washroom and a small luggage and pantry area. Each room has Tea/coffee maker and LCD. All rooms are air conditioned.

Family Suite

Max Guests:
5 persons

Family suite is on the first floor having separate balcony providing splendid natural view. The suit comprises of two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Room size is 650 sqft.Both room have Tea/coffee maker and LCD and are air conditioned

Poolside Interconnected

Max Guests:
6 persons

It is a set of two individual rooms with separate entries which are interconnected. The rooms are on the ground floor with private lawns near the swimming pool. Both have separate washrooms. Each room has Tea/coffee maker,LCD and Acs

  • Senior Citizen Friendly Resort
  • Swimming Pool
  • Games and Activity Centre*
  • Wi-Fi Internet*
  • Guide Service*
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