Sitabani Jungle Resort

About Sitabani Jungle Resort

Sitabani Jungle Resort Corbett is between natural flora and fauna. Set amid the dense forests with Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve on the outskirts. The resort features 4 types of rooms and suites made with keeping in mind the necessities of nature-lover. Rooms have a king-size bed and comfortable seating with a private bathroom highlighting modern amenities. Cottages with attached balcony or poolside view. Rooms with personal lawns and scenic views of the valley. The resort offers a spa, an outdoor swimming pool, a BBQ restaurant and also a bonfire during winters for musical nights. A conference/meeting room is also available. Explore Corbett and enjoy bird watching, nature trails, wild animal camping. Go for treks, gypsy safaris or have a riverside feast and nature walks.

Available Rooms

Club Room

Max Guests:
3 persons

Club Rooms at Sitabani Jungle & SPA Resort wraps you in privacy and absolute comfort. Each room features a Bedroom perfect for two adults along with private balcony or a lawn with resort or valley view.

Pool Side Superior Room

Max Guests:
3 persons

The Pool Side rooms are spacious and most suitable especially for elderly guests and couples with small children since all the resort facilities like the Dining room, Spa, Swimming Pool and the Indoor Games Center are the closest from these four rooms.

Pine Wood Cottage

Max Guests:
3 persons

Showcasing a luxurious design with tasteful decor. These aesthetically designed units inspire and enhance the experience of staying and feeling of being one with nature. Pine Wood Cottages at Sitabani Jungle & SPA Resort offer a perfect blend of comfort and privacy. Each cottage has a personal lawn and large private sit out (Spacious Balcony) overlooking the forest.

Club Suites

Max Guests:
4 persons

Generously spacious, the Club House Suites at Sitabani Jungle & SPA Resort wraps you in privacy and absolute comfort. Each suite features a Bedroom and a separate living room with a spacious balcony having the resort and the mountain valley view.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Conference Hall*
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Restaurant
  • Spa and Massage*
  • Bar*
  • Bonfire*
Things to Do


Explore unexplored India on two wheels. Measure the unpaved roads, far-flung villages, hilly sojourns of India. Meet local people and experience their local food, and get an unforgettable biking experience. Enjoy nature and give your trip a thrilling touch.


Explore unexplored India on two wheels. Measure the unpaved non-motorable roads, far-flung villages, hilly sojourns and many more hidden jewels of India. Nothing is more enjoyable than morning cycling or exploring the nature of bicycles. Have a one-of-a-king cycling experience for your vacation.

Nature Trails

Nature tourism is defined as responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment and helps improve the welfare and well-being of local people by engaging them into tourism and earning their livelihoods from tourism. It is tourism based on the natural attractions of an area which might include birdwatching, photography, stargazing, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and visiting national parks or wildlife sanctuaries. The tourists going for nature tourism are mostly interested in a exploring and understanding the diversity of natural and cultural resources available in these places. They want what is real, and they want to be immersed in a rich natural, cultural, or historical experience while they undertake such nature tours. For the people who love to spend time with nature and explore more about the real nature and diversity we have handpicked lot of places which would fulfill your desire of nature tours.

Jungle Jeep Safari

Jungle Jeep Safari is a delight for wildlife photographers, adventure seekers and people having a problem walking on long unpaved trails. In fact, these Jungle Jeep Safari adds extra fun to the journey and the exploration of the forest you are in. You will encounter animals and will have a scenic view of flora and fauna. Explore the wildlife and add a great experience to your travel diaries with Tripoffbeat.


What is better than giving your body a peaceful and refreshing spa therapy or massage therapy? The answer is nothing. Leave the hubbub of the city and give your body a rejuvenating experience. Spa and massage therapy is the best way to refresh your body and mind. Relax in hot and blend in the water. Let your muscles relax and reduce tension. Experience one-of-a-kind Spa Therapy with our great service at Tripoffbeat.

Explore Nature


Wildlife tourism unlocks the doors of diverse wildlife sanctuaries and over 100 national parks scattered throughout the nation. Taking a wildlife tour gives ample opportunities to scout the exquisiteness of the wildlife and natural world. India is a favored wildlife place among wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers from across the world visit India to explore the rich flora and fauna of these forests. Visit famous national parks of India to experience the different adventurous activities and enjoy amazing safaris in these destinations.

Bird Watching

The world of birds is a colourful and spectacular affair. There is nothing better than bird watching to enjoy the vibrant bird culture in India. A task that requires complete patience and perseverance, watching beautiful birds in their natural habitats brings about a strange feeling of exhilaration and contentment. Build uniquely beautiful memories with your loved ones and click snapshots of lovely birds when you go for a bird watching vacation through TripOffbeat!

Village walk

India is a vast land of different cultures and traditions. Each place in India is unique in its own culture, food, clothing and have a one-of-its-kind aura. Go and explore the Indian village and their culture and you will understand why India is a country of all joys. You will learn that every culture has its uniqueness. We at Tripoffbeat will allow interacting with the local people and you can feel the love and sheer happiness. Enjoy the village walks and have a unique experience.

Village Safari

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