Take OFF THE BEATEN TRACK Of Rajasthan This Weekend

The year 2017 has brought many reasons for outing and exploring the landscapes you have always dreamt off. It’s March and winter season has gone, but still we have one month when Summer season will catch up. If you have travelling and exploring some unexplored areas on your plan for the upcoming long weekend starting from 11th March till 13th March (Holi) And if you want a quick escape this Holi, check with us for exciting offbeat destinations within 300KM from Delhi. We have marked down few destinations which you certainly would like to explore in these three days.

Since, winter season remains bit longer in the hilly parts of the country, and summers are longer and not favorable for the travellers to explore the great plains of India comprising Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Southern parts of India, so we have selected some really good locations in Rajasthan which you can explore this time. The list goes as follows:


Osian is situated at the beginning of the Great Thar Desert. Camel Safaris into the desert are conducted from here. Osian is also famous for its Hindu and Jain temples dating back from the 8th to the 11th centuries. Osian was once a thriving business centre being a stop over on the silk route between Delhi and the Middle East.

You can enjoy a completely different experience of desert life, out on a Safari and living under canvas. The guided tour will take you on a “OFF THE BEATEN TRACK”… Itineraries have been meticulously designed to give a blend of the countryside and the cities with its Forts and Palaces. You can also have chance of interacting and mingling directly with different tribes. These are the hard and rugged people of Rajasthan braving the odds of the harsh desert with a smile… always happy to welcome guests to their homes. Make the Safari Camp (Photo Gallery) your temporary home for those three days.


Today Rohet Garh has emerged as great patrons of their own horse, the Marwari! The indigenous horse of the Thar desert! Endowed with sublime beauty and an honest ‘never say die’ spirit, it is a bold and fearless horse, magnificent in confirmation and loyal unto death. It was the brave Rajput warrior’s mighty charger, which was capable of tearing fearlessly into the enemy, rearing up on war elephants in order to let its master strike the foe seated upon it, or jumping off fort ramparts, and jumping rivers with a severed hind leg to save its master’s life by sacrificing its own! In the annals of Rajput history, these horses are as famous as their masters, and their names have been forever immortalized.

  • Village Safari: “Rohet Safari’s” showcases the best of the land, it is a complete cultural experience, which encompasses all that this region has to offer. From the warm and hospitable people, to the various customs and ceremonies and the abundant wildlife, guests have the rare privilege of being welcomed into people’s homes and interacting with them. They get to experience and understand a way of life that takes them closer to their roots…
  • Royal Picnics: Royal Picnics are a great extension of the Rohet safaris. Be it in jeeps, on camel or on horse, the Royal Picnic is a grand recreation of a bygone era, where you are waited upon by liveried attendants; large mattresses with bolsters and soft cushions spread next to a soothing water body invite you to kick up your feet, and a choice of cool beverages await your discretion. The food is delicious, served hot on tables with crisp linen and a bottle of wine…and then you drift into sweet slumber watching the pied kingfisher dive for his lunch just yards away from you…!! Be the guest at Rohet Garh (Photo Gallery) or Rohet Wilderness Camp (Photo Gallery) in the coming weekends.

Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular tourist attractions of Ranakpur that catches the attention of the tourists. Covering an area of 586 square kilometers, the wildlife sanctuary possesses different species including four horned antelope, wild boar, sloth bear, panther and many more. You can explore KumbalGarh Fort, Jain Temple Ranakpur, Ranakpur Dam, Haldighati and much more here. Be the guest at Maharani Bagh(Photo Gallery).

Fateh Garh, Udaipur

You can do a lot of things while you are in Udaipur. The list of things you can do and enjoy is endless but we have picked best for you which are:

  • Vintage Cars at Fateh Garh: Fateh Garh houses a collection of vintage cars including a MG, Jaguar, Daimler etc. The MG PA 1935 and Avon Special Sports 1932 have been invited for the Cartier Concours d’Elegance Show held in Mumbai and Delhi.
  • Visit the rural outback of Udaipur: Surrounding Fateh Garh and beyond are beautifully manicured fields tended by the inhabitants of the nearby villages with a population of around 3000 people. The rural experience is a rare opportunity to witness a near medieval lifestyle. The rural experience is possible in jeeps, horseback or walking.
  • Baradari: Serves finest selections of Indian & local Rajasthani cuisine. Opens for lunch & Dinner. The specialty restaurant promotes more of the local cuisine with the innovative fusion by the chef to highlight the romantic views of the surroundings.
  • Sunset Terrace and Aviary: Sunset Terrace at Fateh Garh is an ideal place for keen photographers to click pictures and enjoy the view of the countryside and fields adjoining Fateh Garh, we also have a Aviary which is a attraction for children and bird watchers.
  • Star Gazing: Fatehgarh is an ideal location for guests to enjoy a session of star gazing, one can see the nebula of orion, stars of jupiter, ring of saturn and other celestial objects.
  • Hi-tea with Show Around: Fateh Garh – A Heritage Renaissance Resort-Sanctuary, offers an opportunity to visiting guests to appreciate the unique conservation of heritage building by shifting the whole structure to a new location. On offer is an opportunity to witness beautiful sunsets over the Aravalli hill ranges and the wonderful lights display of the Udaipur city, whilst enjoying sumptuous Hi-tea.

Stay at Fateh Garh (Photo Gallery) while you are here and enjoy viewing the Architectural heritage of the fort.


This is an ideal place for people interested in natural flora and fauna and for peace and spiritualism as it takes you away from the cities and allows you to explore in peace and tranquility. In the evenings one can relax back at the lodge with a bonfire and enjoy the beautiful star lit nights. Adjoining is the 10th Century Muchala Mahavir Jain Temple and the Garacia tribal holdings. Twenty minute trek is a crocodile dam where one can spot the oldest crocodile Bhima who will even pose for you, if in mood. The magnificent and the only unconquered Kumbhalgarh Fort is a 15km trek amidst the lush green forest, a sumptuous lunch/tea can be organised enroute or at fort. The World famous Ranakpur Temples, the 17th Jain Temples are just 15 km away, its one’s prerogative whether one wants to trek or choose jeep or horse safari. Paradise for Bird watchers and the Animals spotted in the Kumbhalgarh National Park are sloth bear, leopards, sambhar, wild boar, Jungle cat, and it’s the where four horned deer and wolves can also be seen..An ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the cities to enjoy the nature in its full glory, a place to meditate and reflect, while sitting around the campfire under the most spectacular canopy of star lit night…..one finally understands and values ones earth and life. Nothing could be a better option to stay than the Magnificent Jungle Lodge (Photo Gallery).


Spreading from the ramparts of the Castle, Bijaipur village reclines at the foot of Vindhyanchal Hills, surrounded by forests of Jacaranda. As old as the castle, the village remains a testament to rural Indian life. The surrounding countryside unfolds in agricultural lands harvesting peanuts, mustard, corn and poppy. A buffalo cart trundles towards home, raising the evening dust. Stacks of hay and firewood perched on a rainbow of sari’s drift in and out of the haze, feet vanishing in the blur, as if the earth and the heavens were hugging each other very, very close. Standing atop the castle ramparts in the evening one can greet the smiling moon as the sun bids farewell over the blue rooftops. You can enjoy activities which you can’t find to do anywhere else:

  • Jeep Safari: Pre-dinner drinks are served on the lawn or in the old courtyard. Count the stars as the come to join you one by one, twinkling in a sky unpolluted by city lights. Traditional Indian music and dancing fills the garden. The intoxicating scent of ‘Queen of the Night’ flowers is soon replaced by the alluring aroma of supper being served.
  • Angling and Fly fishing: Fishing holidays are arranged on special request. The lakes and rivers around Bijaipur are full of fresh water fish. The mighty ‘Mahseer’ has been, and still is, a major habitant of the Chambal River flowing near Bijaipur. Other species of fish include the Snakehead Murrel, Goonch, Catla, Mrigal, Rohu, Singhada, Baam (Eel fish). We have our own set of hunting tents that is setup according to the chosen location. The camp also has full time catering with staff. A team of locals, expert on fish, is available to help you with your expedition.
  • Wildlife and Bird Watching: Sitting in the grounds of the castle on a warm morning, a kingfisher perches nearby and watches the bright green parakeets for some hours. As he flies away, we follow into another world suspended between this plane and another on tree branches. Dawn and dusk bird watching treks are available for the enthusiasts. More than 130 listed species of birds are waiting for the expert eyes.
  • Horse Ride: When you sit onto the back of a horse, both you and the horse disappear and in its stead is a magical creature whose feet have mind of their own, leaving the head free to soak up all the world has to offer. The beautiful Marwari horses at Bijaipur Castle show the countryside through unique curved ears. These gentle and spirited horses are suitable for beginners and experienced riders.
  • Trekking, Nature trails and cycling: The terrain in Rajasthan is ever changing, providing a new India every few kilometres. Whatever your chosen mode of transport you can be assured of a fascinating experience in a wealth of wildlife and scenery.

Stay at Castle Bijaipur (Photo Gallery) or Pangarh Lake Retreat (Photo Gallery) and double the fun off your visiting Bijaipur.


A fortified outpost of the kingdom of Mewar that included Chittorgarh and Udaipur, Bhainsrorgarh is located 235 kilometers northeast of Udaipur and 50 kilometers south of Kota and has a remarkable history. Built by Rawat Lal Singh (second son of Rawat Kesri Singh of Salumber), Bhainsrorgarh was granted as a jagir (fiefdom) by Maharana Jagat Singh II of Mewar in 1741 A.D.

Little wonder, Bhainsrorgarh has been rated as the Best Heritage Hotel in India by Tatler Travel Guide, UK. (2008, 2009). Bhainsrorgarh held great importance to the Chundawat clan of Sisodia Rajputs, as it was granted to Rao Chunda after he renounced the Mewar throne for his yet to be born younger brother. As the eldest son of Rana Lakha, then ruler of Mewar, Chunda Ji was the heir apparent to the throne of Chittor. The Chief of Bhainsrorgarh was counted among the 16 first class nobles of Mewar and was conferred the title of ”Rawat” by Maharana of Mewar. Be the guest at Bhainsrorgarh Fort (Photo Gallery).

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