#Travel Essentials : The Don’ts of Monsoon Travel

It is not a surprise that many of us like to travel during monsoon. The lush greenery, fresh air, cool breeze & some mouth-watering delicacies that we offer to our taste buds, is a perfect setting to spend our monsoon vacations with. But there are few things that should be avoided during the monsoon travel for your safety & comfort travelling. It’s always the right thing to take precautions rather than being disappointed at the act of nature and showering the water over your plans.

Here are major 5 don’ts you should follow during monsoon travels:


  • Do not eat street foods

    If you’re a street food lover, then this season tries to control your urges and avoid street food when you travel. It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry later. The reason why street food should be avoided is for the fact that during monsoon, street food host some threatening germs that give way to food poisoning, diarrhoea or any other water-borne diseases. It’s always better to carry your own food or snacks while you’re travelling to be safe.

    Do not befriend the waves

    You may be a water baby & love beaches, but befriending beaches during monsoon is a big NO. The high tides and violent waves that hit the shore can create severe problems for you if you sit along the shore for a longer period of time. It is recommended to go for a swim when seas or beaches are calm and showers are light but its always better to be extra careful so if you can try to avoid going to seas or beaches.

  • Do not sign up for Rush Hour Commute

    It is always advised to check up the weather as well as the rush hour timing during the travelling especially during the monsoon. The constant pouring down of the rain ends up in water clogging making the roads a problem for travelling. Avoid public transport at all costs as you might get stuck in the traffic for hours. So it’s recommended to travel during the day time when it’s still safe for travelling.

  • Do not take up risky activities

    You have to give the side of yours that craves for adventure for a while during monsoon season. Activities like rock climbing, rafting, caving, bouldering etc., should be avoided because these activities come up with their own set of perils & predicament. So if you want to enjoy your monsoon vacation peacefully, try to avoid the adventure sports & opt for easy sports because nature is a tricky thing.

  • Do not house tents at low-lying area

    Sometimes, you feel like enjoying the weather to the fullest & opt for camping during the monsoon season. It is always advised to not camp in low-lying areas during your monsoon vacation as the constantly flowing water or stagnant water may cause some inconveniences like flooding tents, mosquitoes, washing out or reptiles that might spoil your entire vacation mood. So if you want to camp, choose a place, which is safe & sound.


Above-mentioned don’ts can help you have a better & comfortable journey during monsoons. You should not let the rain stop you from having fun but you can take precautions to have a hassle-free travel. For more such #travelessential tips, follow us at TripOffbeat.

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