Welcome to the Marvelous City – Rio De Janerio

Rio de Janeiro, which is also famously called The Marvelous City, is one of the most popular & frequent visited tourist destinations in Brazil. With its dramatic setting and vibrant culture that is pulsating with a deep sense of history & heritage, the white sandy beaches with turquoise waters & verdant mountains make Rio, one of the world’s most exotic destinations to travel to.


We’ve listed some of the most famous and must try things in the city of Rio:

The Land of the Holy Cross – Christ the Redeemer

This giant statue of Lord Christ overlooks the city from 709 meters above the ground and sits at the summit of Mount Corcovado. This 98 feet tall statue is one of the reasons why people know Rio & travel from all over the world to visit Christ the Redeemer. Christ stands with arms outstretched, gazing serenely out over the city. You can get a bird’s eye view of the city from the spot where you can reach by the escalators and elevators.

Laze on the sandy beach at Copacabana

It’s impossible to think of Rio de Janeiro & skip out on the white sandy beaches with turquoise water. Rio is one of the cities that have been blessed with beautiful stretches of beach coastlines along with one entire side of its downtown. The atmosphere of the beaches in Rio is very vibrant with several beach bars and multiple sports facilities along the sand. You can meet some locals & enjoy your day on the beaches of Rio. Copacabana, Ipanema, etc. are some of the beaches you can observe Brazilian beach life.

Enjoy the unforgettable views from Sugar Loaf Mountain

The Sugar Loaf Mountain is one of the most important natural, historical tourist landmarks of the Marvelous City. With its unusual warhead shape, the Sugarloaf Mountain is a monolithic mountain of granite and quartz that rises at the mouth of Guanabara Bay. The reason it is named Sugar Loaf is that it resembles the traditional shape of concentrated refined loaf sugar. You can visit this mountain on a glass-paneled Sugarloaf Cable Car which offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding city. You can find amphitheater, restaurants & shops on this mountain.

Explore a Jungle in the city at Tijuca’s lush & dense rainforest

Tijuca National Park is an important attraction in the city of Rio because not only it protects the forests of Tijuca but also the several viewpoints and surrounds the Christ the Redeemer. It is one of the largest forests within the city. It is the home to astonishing species of plants & animals. Its incredible biodiversity is a reason alone to visit the forest but it offers dozens of waterfalls, viewpoints, hikes, peaks, and monuments.

Don’t miss the fun & floats at Rio Carnival

Carnival Rio de Janeiro, the world-famous festival, is known as one of the biggest carnivals in the world. The carnival parade is filled with people & floats from various samba school & the purpose of the carnival parade is for samba school to compete with a fellow rival school. Each of the samba school chooses a theme to try and portray in their entry. Tourists can also participate in the parade with real samba school dressed up with colorful costumes. The city of Rio becomes lively, flamboyant & street party.

Enjoy lip-smacking cuisine – Brazilian Street Food

The food scene in Rio is a culinary melting pot, which has its influences from all over the world. Ingredients and traditions from as far afield as Africa, Japan and Portugal are intermingled with the native landscape of coastline, farmland, mountains, and jungles to create a wonderful mishmash that is often best seen and tasted right out on the streets. Don’t forget to try Picanha, Bacalhau bites, Açai, Tapioca, etc.

Dance to the Beats of Samba

There is no doubt in the fact that samba has chosen to live in the city of Rio. The city has not only consolidated itself as the main destination for those who want to listen, sing dance to the beats of Samba but has also earned the status of “Samba World Capital”. It’s rhythmic beats that relentlessly course down the streets throughout the city, puts an unshakeable spring in everyone’s step. You can visit some of the most renowned samba clubs to shake a leg on the beats of Samba.

If you want to visit Rio de Janeiro, December- February is the best time to visit, although the city can be jam-packed as it has a lot going on but it’s really fun to be out there. From a weeklong carnival party to tropical beaches retreat, the marvelous city will not disappoint you in any way.


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