5 Handy Items for Travel during Monsoon

#Travel Essentials Travelling during monsoon season is fun but it can be really tiresome because of the inconvenience caused by the constant break down of the transport, bad roads & heavy rain pouring down. Many people travel during monsoon season because of the affordable rates of the hotels, few people around, and the lush greenery […]

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9 Tips to get great shots with creative lighting on your smart phone

A great vacation is incomplete without great pictures. We all love taking pictures with our smartphones, specially to post them on our social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram. But the results are sometimes not great and one of the biggest problems is bad lighting. Here are 9 tips to get great shots using […]

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6 Amazing Reasons to Visit Australia this Summer

6 reasons to visit australia this summer

Australia is known as the country that takes it to the extreme; the world’s largest island has one of the longest coastlines on the globe. The country has a unique outback culture, well-developed cities, jaw-dropping natural beauty & hundreds of quirky small towns with magnificent nightlife. Australia has so much to offer to travelers, as […]

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