5 Handy Items for Travel during Monsoon

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Travelling during monsoon season is fun but it can be really tiresome because of the inconvenience caused by the constant break down of the transport, bad roads & heavy rain pouring down. Many people travel during monsoon season because of the affordable rates of the hotels, few people around, and the lush greenery all around. But before you hop on that trip, make sure you have packed up essentials for your trip.

We have listed down top 5 handy items that you must have during your monsoon vacation trip.


  1. An Ultra light Raincoat

    When humidity and heat make you perpetually sweaty, heavy rain might feel nice for a bit. But walking around in soggy clothes all day is so not worth the cool down. Be sure to take an ultra-light, thin and packable raincoat on your vacation trip. Bonus points for something colorful & catching for photos.


  1. Travel Clothesline

    When you are out for your vacation, clothes don’t dry faster than how they do at home and clothes dryer are not common in many countries and if you hang your clothes outside during rainy season, there is a high chance that they won’t dry at all. So make sure you carry your travel clotheslines, which you can hang in your room, or dorm to dry out your clothes. It’s going to take a little time to dry but that’s a start.


  1. First Aid Box

    With the weather getting moist, the chances of bacterial infection also increase. Keep disinfectant scrubs, antiseptic creams and bandages handy. There might be mosquitoes and bugs, so, carry mosquito repellents. Falling sick is the last thing you would desire while traveling. So don’t forget to pack anti-allergic drugs too.


  1. Light layered clothes & suitable footwear

    If you’re heading to a rainy area, make sure you carry light layered clothes like polyester based or other synthetic fabric based clothes, as these fabrics will reduce the risk of clothes staying wet and mildewing in your suitcase. You can carry a knee length pants to avoid getting the bottoms of your pants wet. Make sure you carry more dark colored clothes. It’s very important to select the right kind of footwear for your travel. You can choose from rubber sandals, flip-flops, gumboots, rubber boots or wellington boots are very much suitable for this weather.


  1. Water & Food

    These are the basic necessities that cannot be skipped. It is advised to avoid consuming food & water from a local shop or a shady place near roadside during your monsoon vacation. This is because waterborne diseases are prevalent in the monsoons and various infections from the food items cooked in the infected water can affect your health. So it is advised and highly recommended to carry your own water bottle and food items whenever you go. In case, you decide to eat outside, make sure you eat at a place, which is clean & hygienic.


These essential & handy items for your travel during monsoon are going to help you have a dreamy vacation in the middle of lush greenery.

If you are planning a vacation and are looking out for places to visit for the monsoon, contact us at TripOffbeat. Stay tuned for more such travel tips.

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