7 Reasons why Dalhousie is a must visit

Named after Lord Dalhousie, one of the viceroys of India, Dalhousie is a calm & composed Hill Station, which is located in the Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh. Dalhousie was originally a sanatorium that is now one of the hill stations that offers its tourists the most breath-taking views of nature. The hill station is situated on 5 hills and has an elevation of 2,030 meters above sea level. Places like Dalhousie are meant to be there for people to spend some time leaving away all the worries, admire the beauty of nature and realize how much nature has to offer.

Here are 7 reasons why Dalhousie is a must visit:

Charming Beauty


Surrounded by the snow-capped peaks, the thick green cover of forests, refreshing ambiance makes Dalhousie a perfect place where one can relax & retreat themselves physically & mentally.  The natural beauty of the hill station is enchanting; the refreshing air, sunshine and the lush green surroundings makes it hard to believe that you’re in India and not abroad. You can also find the traces of Scottish & Victorian architecture in the buildings  & churches, which is a hard one to miss out on.

Delectable Cuisine


Since the calm & peaceful travel destination is located in North India, you’ll undoubtedly get north Indian cuisine here. But you can definitely try cuisines like Chinese, Thai, and Himachal Cuisines to tickle your taste buds. You’ll find the pickle in the plates of every food served in here.

Adventure Galore


Located within 6,000 to 9,000ft on the western edge of the Dhauladhar Range, the hill station of Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh offers a wide range of adventure sports for the tourists & adventure sports enthusiasts.  You can find adventures like trekking, paragliding, horse riding, zorbing, camping, rock climbing & river rafting.



The hill station of Dalhousie does not offer the usual shopping stretches like other places but the shopping arena is limited to just a lane of shops. Gandhi Chowk is one of the primary shopping spots in Dalhousie. Travelers can discover great, conventional sacks, dolls, crafted works, totes, shawls, etc., for their souvenir of Dalhousie. The Tibetan Handicrafts Center, Mall of Dalhousie is also a well-known shopping destination in Dalhousie.



The cool & comfortable climate of Dalhousie makes it one of the prime locations for holiday destinations. You refresh your senses & experience the best that Himachal Pradesh has to offer. If you’re traveling in summer; you tend to find lush green forests and the majestic Bakrota hills cast a magic spell on the tourists. Summer in Dalhousie is cool & pleasant. If you’re planning to travel to Dalhousie in winters then, the temperature drops down to the freezing point and you might witness an enchanting snowfall.  There is no specific time to visit the hill station, if your sole purpose is to get away from heat then summer is your time, but if you want to experience snowfall, winter is your time.  Due to the risk of landslides, people usually do not prefer to visit the destination during monsoon.

Historical Connections


Apart from its connection to the first viceroy of India, Lord Dalhousie, Dalhousie has been home to many Indian freedom fighters like Tagore &Subash Chandra Bose. Tourist attractions like Snowdon, SubashBaoli&SubashChowk are testimonials of the freedom movement in Dalhousie. Many Bengalis visit Dalhousie to pay their homage to these freedom fighters and the significance of this place have made many Bengalis settle down in and around the hill station. You can also visit the churches like St. Andrew, St. Patrick’s & St. Francis’ to look for British architecture.

Luxurious & Comfortable Stays


Some of the popular hotels in Dalhousie offer accommodations throughout the year. More than the exclusive facilities and service they provide, it is the location of most of the hotels or accommodations that adds to the bonus. The comfortable hotels or lodges with picturesque valleys, quiet surroundings of the city, with every facility available makes the stay easy & luxurious for the people in Dalhousie.

Reasons are never enough to express the enchanting beauty of a hill station like Dalhousie. You can’t know until you visit the place, so reach out to us at TripOffbeat for your luxurious, adventurous & mesmerizing holiday vacation at Dalhousie.

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