Best Places You Should Visit In Ladakh This Summer

Untouched by modernity, tranquil environment, tough hilly terrains, world’s famous pass,, where you’ll see life come to a standstill and witness a true relationship with the nature. There is no place in India like Ladakh. Shades of Tibet, Sikkim, Kashmir, Kumaon, Bhutan and even Rajasthan blend together to form this stunningly unique Himalayan Desertscape. It is one of those destinations a global adventure traveller has to tick off her/his list, at some point in life.

Places to Visit in Ladakh

Leh Palace: Built in mid-16th century, the Leh palace was the world’s highest building at that time. You can make your way around its dark corridors and hidden passageways, gaze upon the murals showing the Buddha’s life and find peace in the palace’s large prayer room.

Shanti Stupa: The white-domed structure perched on a hilltop was built by Japanese monks to promote world peace. Not only is it of religious significance, but it also offers one of the best and beautiful views of Ladakh.

Stok Palace & Museum: The Stok palace now turned as a museum is originally home to the exiled royal family. The museum displays royal artefacts, jewellery, and costumes. Some of the thangkas (paintings on silk) displayed in the museum are said to date back to the 16th century.  It’s worth visiting when you are in ladakh.

Spituk Monastery: This late 14th century monastery is perched on a hillock near Spituk village. It houses a golden-roofed shrine, Skodong Lakhang, as well as ancient masks and arms. There is also a massive statue of Mahakal that is unveiled during the Spitok festival.

Pangong Tso: Situated at a height of 4,250 metres, Pangong Tso is the highest lake in the world. With its crystal clear water, the surrounding mountains and the tranquil surroundings, it’s not hard to imagine why Pangong Tso means “the enchanted lake” in Tibetan.

Not to forget is the Highest Motorable road in the world and Khardungla Pass in the Ladakh. This is one of the places which needs courage and great driving skills to get past.

Where to Stay in Ladakh?

Ladakh doesn’t have five star hotels, but there are few very good options to stay with all the amenities you would find in five star hotels. Top best three are as follows:

Shey Bhumi

Traditional willow and mud brick cottages, decorated with exquisite Tibetan hand painted furniture and adorned with the finest linen and drapes, with private verandahs and luxurious en suite bathrooms, are designed to provide every comfort while taking you back decades in time – where opulence blended with heritage, the Ladakhi way.

The ideal nest to base yourself in as you let us show you the many jewels of this wondrous land, in our carefully designed Ladakh itineraries. Its lakes, rivers, moonscapes, monasteries, peaks, deserts and above all – its people and culture. Ladakh is magical.

Camp Thiksey

The aesthetic feel of the Campsite has been inspired by the explorers of the British Raj, who came to these distant frontier regions to undertake covert operations in mapping these uncharted region and made Ladakh their “listening posts” In many respect, the concept is to relive, through our special itineraries, the glories of the many sahibs (and mem-sahibs ) who came to these frontier places during the era of the Great Game (pre-Independence), in the guises of “hunting leaves” This is evident from the many period furniture that lie within your tent, which are in fact, replicas of the past like the Kipling Stool, Roorkee Chair, Jorhat chair, Wheeler Cot etc.

Camp Diskit

Continuing the expedition through dramatic landscapes of enormous glaciated peaks and arid thoroughfares, reach the tranquil yet thriving village of Diskit. Untouched by the mainstream mayhem, the village has beautifully preserved its sanctity despite being the commercial hub of Nubra.

Chamba Camp, Diskit presents Hunder village, Turtuk, and Sumur – the alluring barren vistas saturated with hues of white, green and brown. Witness the amalgamation of ancient cultures, stories of Buddhist monks and monasteries eternal through the sands of Time, spectacular terrains of molten fold mountains strewn with cobalt blue lakes, all at the Chamba Camp, Diskit – a step away from Paradise.

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