Top 5 Destinations to Witness Magnificent Sunrises

Start your day right in one of these stunning locations from around the world!

Early mornings can be as refreshing as a hot cup of fresh coffee. A bright, sunny day strives to heighten your mood and help you be happy and rejuvenated all day long. What best way to enjoy a sunny day than waking up in the world’s top destinations!


The ancient temples in Cambodia stand in all their magnificence. Visiting any temple early in the morning will reward you with an amazing view – the sun rising above the majestic temples, over their magnificent heights, creating an enchanting feel to the landscape.


The peaceful country turns into a palette of alluring colors when each new day starts bright and early. As the sunrises, the mountains over the sea light up with different shades of gold, making the first rays of sunshine highlight the beauty and charm of serene Vietnam.


Maldives is a garland of about 1190 islands. The beautiful view of the sea and the island is magnified tenfold as the dawn breaks and the sky is colored in different shades of gold, orange and blue.


The place, known for its beautiful golden-sand beaches, stretches along the Arabian Sea like a shimmering strand of allure. Waking up bright and early to visit the various gorgeous beaches of Goa, bearing their own personalities, for witnessing enchanting sunrises, is definitely worth it.


With picturesque snowy peaks and deep river valleys, striking Manali is India’s natural adventure park. As the sun rises above the horizon, it lights up the white and pure peaks of beauty, enhances the spectacular view around the stunning mountain.

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