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Unexplored Places In India For Best Vacation In Nature

Explore unexplored places in India as India is a land of diverse flora and fauna. Nature has so much to offer, from magnificent mountains to enchanting hills, from colorful flowers to many shades of green, from spectacular sunrises to mesmerizing sunsets, nature is life itself. Delve into all the gifts of nature to you.

What is better than a holiday in the lap of nature amid dense greenery? Imagine yourself enjoying the hot and fresh brew and embracing the fresh and rejuvenating forest and the melodious wild.

Gift your family, your friends, or your beloved a memorable vacation or a weekend holiday at some of the most amazing eco-gateways.

Explore Unexplored Places In India In The Wilderness

Explore undiscovered India and unwind in the lap of nature A holiday will be perfect to uncoil the charms of nature of Incredible India. We have listed handpicked destinations for you, keeping in mind the importance of nature and serenity. India encloses a lot of hidden treasures yet to be discovered by a lot of you.

Afar from the pollution of the city, the hustle-bustle of the busy urban life spend some time in the midst of nature. Pack your bags and get ready to traverse India in an offbeat style. This is one of the best chances to go and reach out for the most relaxing and rejuvenating holiday destinations.

Narkanda, City Is Known For Inviting Apple Orchards And Lush Green Forest

If you are planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh, then you must head towards Narkanda. Narkanda is a town in the Shimla district of Himachal within the fir forests surrounded by the Himalayan range. Narkanda is known as the skiing town of Himachal in winters.

The destination is ideal for a break from the hustle of city life. For a perfectly relaxing and rejuvenating vacation, the city offers you a wide range of flora with picturesque views of the Himalayan range. Some of the popular attractions to visit while your tour to Narkanda is Hatu Peak, Narkanda Peak, Narkanda Temple, and Tani Jubbar Lake. Also, take a detour to Thanedhar- the prime apple belt of Himachal Pradesh.

Kanatal Hill Station, Best For Rejuvenation In The Solitude

Located in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, Kanatal is the perfect getaway for the weary souls. Explore unexplored Kanatal’s scenic setting encircled by mountains and rivers. The place offers breathtaking views and scenery of the snow-clad mountains and the lush green forests. Blend your self in the cold breezes and get lost in the solitude of the Kanatal Hills.

Enjoy its chilly weather, camp beneath the stars and in the embrace of the soothing nature this season.

Munnar’s, Alluring Magic Of Nature

Known as the Kashmir of South India and famous as one of the popular honeymoon destinations in India, Munnar serves a feast for eyes to the tourists. In the Western Ghats, it is one of the biggest tea plantation estates of South India. The destination is famous for the Neelakunjini Blooms and the Nilgiri Thar

An Expanse of tree plantations, widening lanes, scenic views, and colorful gardens, unveil the beauty of Munnar this season.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands Will Leave You Spell-bounded By Its Beauty

These Indian islands are where you can relax and rejuvenate your soul. Andaman and Nicobar Islands have everything, screened beaches, spellbinding peaks, hypnotizing natural beauty, and so much more. The places will remind of romantic bliss, will energize you for an adventurous trip. Plunge into the delights of tropical heaven and make the most of your eco-vacations.

Corbett Will Inspire By You Nature’s Magnificent Beings

Discover nature’s magnificent beings in the lap of nature. Corbett is the ideal eco-tourism destination and is perfect for wildlife and nature lovers. The Corbett National Park offers a total number of 488 flora and diverse fauna.

Located in the Paudi Garhwal and Nainital district, Corbett has the oldest National Park in India. Get a glimpse of the wildlife in Corbett National Park, understand the predator and the prey and how they behave in their natural habitat. Take a breath of fresh air this summer in Corbett, Uttarakhand.

Sariska Is Your Moment To Dwell In The Melodies Of Birds

When it comes to exploring nature, nothing is more precise than a national park or wildlife sanctuary. If you are one of the nature lovers, then you would love to dwell in the majestic views of flora and fauna, and the melodies of different species of birds.

What’s another way of spending your breaks in India than exploring wildlife and nature. Sharika is one of the most visited National Park and Tiger Reserve all over India.

Embrace the scents of soil, the feel of wet leaves, and the harmonies of birds and animals. Enjoy wildlife sightings, especially tigers. An ideal feast for the eyes of wildlife photographers and nature lovers. Special Jungle Safaris and Night Safari tours are arranged for a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors.

 Over to You

Relax and rejuvenate yourself in the lap of nature and make the most of your holidays. Take a break from the hustle-bustle and unwind amid the lush greenery of Incredible India. TripOffbeat has listed some of the best destinations to choose from. We will make your holidays memorable, so pack your bags and let TripOffbeat be your helping hand.

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