Why Monsoon Is The Best Season To Travel?

Monsoon is considered as a season of romance, hot tea with pakoras, breezes, drizzling, clean and clear sky, pollution free atmosphere, dirt free roads, cool weather. And hence it becomes the most favorable time to go and explore places you had always in your mind to visit to. The monsoon actually provides numerous reasons to travel, break the monotony of routined life, and explore the beauty of nature, experience the best beauty of places, spend time with your friends, beloved and loved ones. In a distant place and that too in such a wonderful and blessed weather. In the below discussion you will find out why Monsoon is the best time to travel, and people who especially want to avoid the crowded tourist places and still want to see them, no other season can be more apt that the Monsoon to do so.

There are lot of factors which together makes the rainy season ideal for travelling, here are a few of them.

  • The Scenic View: As you know everything looks more beautiful when drenched in the rain, be it the sandy beaches, mountains, rivers, and the whole green forests. The otherwise dust ridden leaves, bearing the brunt of the heat in the scorching summers, are a sight of absolute bliss when they receive the first showers. Imagine, how breathtaking the sea looks during a downpour? Or how wonderful and refreshing it is to walk the streets of a hill station amidst heavy rainfall? Getting drenched in a such a weather and in such a place may take you to whole another level of bliss.


  • Heavenly Aroma: Who doesn’t loved (Petrichor) that earthy aroma of rain, that intoxicating sweet smell of Earth that fills the air just after it has rained. Imagine being engulfed in this intoxicating scent at places you are seeing for the first time. Distant, unknown lands but a familiar smell, what a wonderful experience!


  • Driving through serenity: If you are little adventurous kind of person who loves to drive his own car while travelling, then this is the perfect time when you should just go voyaging on a long road trip, when roads are not crowded and you find less traffic jams. Driving when it’s raining could be tricky especially in hill roads, but what more do you need on such a weather, the comfort of your car, company of few good friends, or your beloved, a playlist of the most awesome songs that uplift the mood and a long long drive to some far off place enjoying the weather, loneliness, and just everything around drenched and blessed by the nature.


  • Perfect time for Romance: Last but not the least, rainy season is deemed to be the most romantic seasons of all. Ever seen old fort one of the hills in the rain, the sight itself exudes romance. How can we forget the rain dance sequences in our favorite Bollywood movies, think Raveena Tandon dancing alongside Akshay Kumar in movie Mohra on Tip tip barsa paani song? This is also the best opportunity to head out with your beloved and do something filmy and romantic in the rain on your journey, as no one would be watching and even if they do, who cares they don’t know you!


  • Discounts & Savings: Airlines, Hotels, Guest Houses, Resorts etc., give great discounts and deals during monsoon, because a lot of people avoid to travel in this season. Also, there is less crowds in famous tourist spots and one can spent more time in a peaceful atmosphere exploring those places. Travelling during monsoons can become thrilling adventure if one has made proper and thoughtful preparation for the unpredictable and does not follow a set program.


No one can deny the fact that life is all about moments and experiences, that create wonderful unforgettable memories. Don’t resist any such experience. Go with the flow, get drenched, dance in the rain, enjoy the weather. You may never know when you actually fall in love with rain, the nature, or travelling in rain, if not already. Just give it a shot this time.Tripoffbeat lists down hundreds of offbeat destinations you can choose from and start your monsoon trip right away. For more help you can visit us on : http://www.tripoffbeat.com or call us on: +91-9990124333 and we would be more than happy to help you out!

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