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Royal Vacations In Rajasthan : The Land Of Maharajas

Thinking of spending vacations in Rajasthan, it has so much to offer. Rajasthan is a place where Fairy-tales come to life. A single state encompassing all the charms of an ideal destination for every mood. Rajasthan is not only famous for its tradition, culture, and heritage but also for its serene and beautiful landscapes.

From legendary palaces and magnificent forts to rich heritage and entrancing festivals, Rajasthan is truly India’s Gem. Discover the land of Maharajas, the great architecture, and the colourful culture on your vacation.

Discover Your Royal Vacations In Rajasthan

Rajasthan beholds all the charms of an ideal royal vacation destination. Rajasthan is the land of the kings, the Maharajas, which offers a whole lot of luxury and cultural glamour. Enjoy the charismatic comforts, luxurious stays, the wholesome enchanting temples and rich culture.

Savour the best of royal hospitalities and splendour services. Here are some of the best cities of Rajasthan serving the best hospitalities.

The Town Of Havelis Of Grandeur And Architectural Marvels

Known as the gateway to the Thar Desert, Churu is a popular attraction due to its marvellous architecture and the variety of forts and palaces.

Experience the mural paintings on lime plasters, intricately designed glass and gold work on the grand Shekhawati in the Churu desert, and endangered species of blackbuck. An ideal weekend gateway spot from New Delhi. Explore all that Churu has to offer and make the most of your royal and luxurious vacation.

The City Of Enchanting Temples And Rich Culture

Pushkar is best known for its enchanting temples and rich culture. The city encloses the majestic temples that hold a unique historical background.

The best to enjoy your holidays in Pushkar is to behold the sunrise near the idyllic Pushkar lake. Witness the spectacular sunrise in the backdrop of Aravalli Range. The hot air balloon ride adds more beauty to the sunrise, the panoramic view of great architecture from the height is a feast for the eyes.

The one-of-a-kind experience of watching the sunrise unlike any other, the wondrous sight of the scarlet orange sky above and overshadowed temples and heritage buildings.

Feel the essence of the calm and peaceful spiritual atmosphere, colourful festivals, and vibrant culture. Take a trip down to the holy city of Pushkar.

The City Of Elegant Forts of Art And Architecture

Explore the city of ancient forts of grandeur, splendid architectural marvels depicting the wealthy living of Rajput’s, and heart-warming hospitality. The most visited tourist attraction of Patan is Rani ki Vav, which is an excellent example of the furtive architecture of Rajasthan. Amongst about 100 Jain temples in Patan Mahavir Swami Derasar is one of the most renowned temples. Experience Patan at its best on your next trip.

The City Of Splendour And Royal Hospitality

Visit the city of grand forts that reflects the royal lifestyle of the ancient Rathore families, exciting safaris, alluring culture, and the essence of traditions. Explore the city known as an ‘evergreen oasis in the desert’. Today Rohet Garh has emerged as great patrons of their horse, the Marwari, the indigenous horse of the Thar desert! It is a bold and fearless horse endowed with sublime beauty.

From the warm and hospitable people to the various customs, ceremonies, and abundant wildlife, guests have the rare privilege of being welcomed into people’s homes and interacting with them. Royal Picnics are a great annex of the Rohet safaris. Be it in jeeps, on a camel or horse, the Royal Picnics are grand recreation of a bygone era.

The City Of Glittering Luxurious Forts

Explore the city of thunderous history with charming arts of architecture, luxurious forts and palaces, and stunning vicinity of famous attractions. Discover Rajasthan’s largest fort complex known for its honey-coloured, 7th-century Chittorgarh Fort, and a vast hilltop complex with the remains of many temples and monuments.

The city is a perfect blend of history, luxury, and comforts. Chittorgarh is an ideal destination for a perfect holiday in Rajasthan.


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