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Best Sunrise In India : Top 5 Destinations To See

Best Sunrise in India offers you early mornings which can be as refreshing as a cup of fresh coffee. A bright, sunny day strives to heighten your mood and help you be cheer and rejuvenate all day long. What is the best way to enjoy a sunny day than waking up in India’s top destinations with most spectacular sunrises?

There is something special about the sunrises, the perfect, and a soothing start for the day. The sunrises can paint the sky with its color palette with its astonishing changes in nature and climate.

India is the land of wondrous natural beauty. The diverse nature offers its admirers the surfeit of blissful sites that will give a long-lasting experience.

Places to Know For the Best Sunrise in India

Explore and witness the most magnificent sunrises in India. The sunrise points and destinations boast towering mountains, romantic beaches, and riverside drives.

A sunrise is something that occurs daily, but still, these stunning locations will leave you mesmerized with their uniquely beautiful sunrises every day.

To explain the beauty of them, here is the list of most spectacular sunrise points in India.

Pushkar, Rajasthan

The best to enjoy your holidays in Rajasthan is to behold the sunrise in Pushkar. Witness the spectacular sunrise in the backdrop of Aravalli Range and the idyllic Pushkar lake. The hot air balloon ride adds more beauty to the sunrise, the panoramic view from the height is a feast for the eyes.

The one-of-a-kind experience of watching the sunrise unlike any other, the wondrous sight of the scarlet orange sky above and overshadowed lake beneath.

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

No other place is better to witness a majestic sunrise than the beaches. Beaches are the best places to catch the glimpse of the magical sunrise and have a rejuvenating morning every day.

The Kovalam beach and the crystal sky collectively contribute the multicolor glow every morning. Imagine morning walk on the beach-side and embracing the soothing sunrise with the hushing sound of waves.

A must visit place for a soulful experience for one of the best sunrise in India.

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Jodhpur is one of the most captivating locations in Rajasthan. Jodhpur, the Blue City of Rajasthan is known for its beautiful sunrise the splendid color palette engulfs over the entire blue city.

Witness the spell-bounding and spectacular glow and the magical interchange of colors. Certain spots in Mehrangarh Fort, Rao Jodha Park, and Jaswant Thada are the perfect locations to catch the glimpse of the sunrise in Jodhpur. A feast for photography lovers as they can enjoy the panoramic views of the blue city below the amber sky.

Nandi Hills, Bangalore

After a long drive of 60 km from Bangalore, enjoy the breathtaking scenic view of sunrise from the Nandi hills.
Nandi Hills is one of the leading visited places in Bangalore, offers the most excellent view of the sunrise from the top of the hills. Have a tea break after the hustle of a long drive, and enjoy the chilling breeze from the top of the hills witnessing fascinating sunrise.

A must-visit location to fulfill the desire of experiencing the most beautiful sunrises in India.


Goa is amongst the best places to visit and enjoy the vacations in India. A place of the true tropical vacation experience, unwinding beaches, and mouth-watering delicacies, Goa is every beach lover’s paradise.
What is better to place a wonderful sunrise on a beach. Take a relaxing vacation to savor the majestic views of sunrise along the beachside.

Baga beach is the only one to enjoy the sunrise with no chaos. Another spot is Chapotra Fort, alongside the Chapotra River and Vagator beach on the other side. A memorable sunrise experience from water horizons.


To enjoy the epic beauty of a sunrise and for the overwhelming experience, you must see the sunrise on these beautiful destinations. These places will give you a life long memorable holiday experience by witnessing the best sunrises in India. You should find out the time and enjoy this nature’s beauty.

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