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10 Surprisingly Amazing Reasons To Visit Leh Ladakh

Thinking for a Ladakh trip? Why don’t you check out these amazing reasons to visit Leh Ladakh. I am sure after knowing these reasons you can’t stop yourself and will definitely plan a memorable trip with your loved ones.

Leh Ladakh is a place where you can find the purest form of nature and the natural beauty of the place is literally unmatched. The huge arid mountains, the white desert, the sky in the hues of blue, etc. can be found under the same sky.

Located at the soaring altitude of 11,000 feet, Leh Ladakh is a perfect destination for travelers who enjoy the bliss of nature as well as are always ready for some adventurous opportunities.

It is time to plan your holidays with your family or friends. Gift your loved ones a trip to remember lifetime, moments to cherish all life long and great happiness.

10 Must-To-Know Reasons To Visit Leh Ladakh

If someone of the people who like snow-capped mountains, long treks to high peaks, and overall chilly holidays, then Leh Ladakh is the perfect destination for you.

If you’re one of them, here are 10 stunning reasons to visit Leh Ladakh this summer:

Scenic Beauty

Leh Ladakh is located in the Himalayan range of Jammu and Kashmir, and in the Karakoram mountain ranges.
The unparalleled scenic beauty of the place makes your heart skip a beat.

The clear blue skies, the beautiful water bodies, and the enchanting roads with lush green patches of vegetation make this place a perfect surreal destination.

Along with this, the valleys formed by the perennial streams together add some unique charms to the beauty.


Food is always the best thing about traveling to any foreign place. There is so much to explore in Leh-Ladakh than the quintessential instant noodles.

Ladakh is known for its diverse cuisines dishes that are definitely going to attract you to visit this place again and again. The food in Ladakh is simple, yet delicious.

The local cafes of the place serve momo cooked with just a subtle hint of spices, and you can find a great combination of a bowl of thukkpa.

Except for thupkka, you can also find Khambir, Tigmo, Mokthuk, Skyu, Yak Cheese, Paba and Tangtur, Chang, etc. to keep your taste buds active in the city.

The Langar served at the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib is bliss for the hungry souls.

Vibrant And Indigenous Festivals

One of the interesting things about visiting different places is to explore their cultures and traditions. The best time to visit Ladakh is during any major festival. The place is entirely influenced by Tibetan culture and you can see that clearly in their celebration.

If your timing is apt, you might get a chance to witness one of the colorful festivals of the place like Hemis Festival, Matho Nagrang, Thiksey, Karsha, and Spituk Gustor, etc.

Cham is also a great festival, which is a famous dance form performed and fascinate you with its bizarreness, experience the great festival, visit Leh Ladakh

Exploring Monasteries And Gompas

The scenic monasteries are counted amongst the most characteristic features of Ladakh.

These pristine monasteries have been the place of worship for more than a century, and are simply worth visiting. The feeling of serenity and spirituality that emanates from these monasteries gives you a reason to visit the place back again.

Some of the famous monasteries in Leh-Ladakh are Spituk, Tikse, Hemis, Alchi, and Lamayuru.

Memorable Treks

Leh-Ladakh is a paradise for trekkers. From the famous Chadar Trek, trekking at the frozen river to the many other challenging treks, you can never run out of incredible trekking options, which are definitely worth exploring.

While trekking you will walk past over the highest roads, isolated mountains, scenic attractions, and narrow passes.

Exotic Wildlife

Leh-Ladakh, lying in the Palearctic Eco Zone, has a unique ecosystem and is home to a range of free-roaming exotic wildlife.

You might be lucky to get a glimpse of the elusive Snow Leopard. Other than Snow Leopard, you can spot marmots, kiangs, ibex, bharal, urial, yaks and wild horses in their natural habitat.

Disconnect To Connect

A little time off from the world and technology is something that should be your concern. We spend so much time glued to our technology and gadgets that we forget that we really need to connect to the outer world in order to grow as a human.

Leh Ladakh’s natural beauty has a surreal quality about them which convinces you to disconnect from the work-life and connect you to yourself


The lakes in Leh Ladakh offer the travelers the immense scenic beauty, which is breathtaking as well as peaceful.
Pangong Lake is one of the best lakes you could visit while visit Leh Ladakh.

The lake changes its color throughout the day. It is a wonderful lake to camp near too.

Re-Kindle Romance

Leh Ladakh serves as one of the romantic destinations for the couple that is trying to find a way to rekindle their romance in the middle of the work-life.

A lovable week in the coldest region of the country can kindle love and churn magic like you never knew. Visit Leh Ladakh and enjoy the romantic bliss.

A Photographer’s Delight

You might have heard this like a million times that Leh Ladakh’s surreal beauty is one of the reasons why a photographer’s travel to the place. But you cannot believe it until you see it for yourself.

The natural landscape, azure blue lakes, low lying clouds, snow-capped mountains, etc., would serve as perfect photographic scenery for photographers.

Visit Leh Ladakh for a truly splendid vacation. The place, which offers much-needed peace, adventure, nature, romance, and multi-cuisine food, is definitely not the one that you could miss out on.


Planning a trip in the northern part of India with friends or family, then Leh Ladakh is worth giving your time. Discover the treasures of Leh Ladakh, from bewildering landscapes to adventurous camps.

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